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Antifragile Libraries #2: photo credit: Tim Seuss

Antifragile Libraries #1: photo credit: Pasukaru76

Key Selection Criteria: photo credit: Dani P.L. via photopin cc

#Ausvotes: photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc


Featured image: Delacroix, Eugene; “La Liberte guidant le peuple”; Public Domain; Provided by Wikimedia

Lightbulb picture on slideshow: Public Domain; Provided by Wikimedia

Tasmania satellite image on slideshow: Public Domain (NASA); Provided by Wikimedia

ALIA Votes 2013: photo credit: Cle0patra via photopin cc

Julia Gillard, Terry Deary and the cultural problems with education: photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc

Not just an Academic question: photo credit: h_pampel via photopin cc

Mission Creep: Tony Buser via photopin cc

Winter is coming for Copyright slum lords:

A failure of imagination:

You need an R&D culture:

Return of the coffeehouse:,_1832.jpg

What Libraries can learn from public transport ticketing:

From selection and recommendation to curation and suggestion:

Credits: photocredit: Cath Redfern CC-BY-NC

Inquiry submissions: photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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