hugh who?

Hugh Rundle is Information Management & Kew Librarian at Boroondara Library Service in Melbourne, Australia – the world’s second listed UNESCO City of Literature. He can’t walk past an independent bookshop without popping in, but is still happy to declare them outdated. He may be slightly addicted to Twitter.

In 2013 Hugh joined the editorial board of In the library with the lead pipe, a publication he has admired for some time. He also authored a chapter in Planning our future libraries, a  title from ALA Editions due for release in September 2013.

Mal Booth, University Librarian at UTS has written that “Hugh is now one of the leading thinkers with regard to libraries in Australia”. Then again, David Lankes of Syracuse University has accused him of “the worst bit of logical reasoning I’ve seen in quite a bit of time“, which just goes to show the value of a thorough literature review.

Although it has been implied that Hugh is anti-book, this is definitely not the case.  What he means by “It’s not about the books” is that librarianship is about sharing and encouraging the discussion of ideas and cultural records.  Books are a really great way of doing this, but they are just one technology.  It’s not about the books at the expense of what books are designed to do.  Hugh thinks some librarians forget this.

The views expressed in this blog are Hugh’s and do not necessarily represent the position of the City of Boroondara or any other entity.

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